...that this is currently a photo blog, but haven't had a whole lot of time to write and/or collect thoughts. We have been working on a post about the whole labor/birth day, but there's not a lot of free time between the things necessary for basic survival. Hope these will partly make up for it:

Others are over at flickr.

First Video

He's all cute and adorable here, but just know what was coming out the other end was not so cute and adorable.


D-Day + 3

Pam's at an accupuncture appointment right now. There are points that can trigger labor after a couple of sessions. We're trying everything we can right now. Walking, spicy foods, etc.

Sunday night she actually had some contractions that actually caused a little discomfort (she's been having some for months now that are just the body practicing) when we had just sat down to eat some Thai food (spicy food not even in effect). I started noting the times just in case, but they had petered out by the time we left Titaya's. We still came home and finished packing the bags and organizing the gear we're taking to the birthing center. 

... just hung up with her. Nothing yet, but sounds like she had a good session, gave her a chance to meditate and practice relaxation. The accupuncturist suggested castor oil, as did another friend a couple of days ago. 

We have a midwife appointment at 4 today. Maybe they'll give us a couple of other tricks to get this show on the road.

And a major thank you to everyone for all the good luck wishes and thoughts and phone calls and love. It is awesome and humbling to know that you all are out there rooting for us.


it's been a good run

no baby yet. i feel compelled to repeat this to everyone who calls or emails me today. no baby no baby no baby.

i have to say that i think i'm actually going to miss being pregnant. it's crazy i know. most women are screaming "get this thing outta me" at this point, but i've actually kind of enjoyed it. ok, the no alcohol thing is for the birds, but otherwise there are a lot of great things about it. it does wonders for your skin and hair (i swear i only have to wash my hair every 3 days and it never looks bad. normally i can't go more than a day and a half.) you actually do glow and people complement you on it. strangers are (generally) nice to you. friends are excited about every new development in your life. you get to leave places or bail on things whenever you damn well feel like it and nobody faults you - heck, they expect it. there's no heavy lifting (other than your own weight, which is considerable) and i haven't had to pick things up off the floor for weeks...which is good cuz you get clumsy. and you get these crazy good hormones! there's the second trimester ones which make the sex rock but there are others that have lasted me well up until the last few weeks. these hormones chilled me out better than any antidepressant i've ever tried. at the most hectic point in my life i've actually been able to let go and let what happens happen. but the best thing by far is the feeling of having a living human being move around in your belly. it's comforting and it never fails to surprise you...it's indescribably awesome. not to mention it's such a convenient way to take care of another person. hands free, baby!

i've thought about this throughout my pregnancy and have wanted to write this post often. back in the summer i was at a friend's birthday party and another friend of mine, a mother, was asking how it was all going. when i told her how good i felt she leaned in and confided to me in a whisper "i loved being pregnant." i smiled, knowing that this sentiment was considered by many to be verboten. pregnancy is generally thought of as such a burden, rife with nasty side-effects to be listed and lamented about, something that wreaks havoc on your body. but i just have to give a shout-out for the rest of us, those who have been lucky enough to have enjoyed it.