what he said

i'd like to add that only 5% of babies are born on their due date.  it is an inherently imprecise formula due to the fact that the due date is calculated at 40 weeks from the first day of your last period and it's (obviously) impossible to get pregnant that day or for the next several days after that.  so the math is off by approximately 2 weeks from the get-go, not that there's any way to standardize what the 'normal' length of gestation is anyway.  it's just yet another thing that the medical industry tries to predict and mother nature laughs in their face.

i will say, however, that freeway has been all over us for attention like stink on you-know-what today.  i think she senses something is afoot.  now i'd put money on her.

which takes me to the subject for my next blog post: will having kids be as awesome as having cats? i mean, look at this face. she kills me.


Well, here we are. Just walked to breakfast and back. Now about to do a bunch of chores and errands. 

Everything is fine here. Situation normal. We're all good here. How are you? (I don't know why a paraphrasing of Star Wars just came to mind. Oh wait, of course I do.)

Just a little reminder, but these first ones do tend to percolate a little past the due date. Will that be the case here? Not if he's like his dad, but if he's like his mom, some waiting might be involved.

Everyone can chillax, we got this.


Greezed Lightnin'

Kyrsten just sent this email:

"I had a dream about Greezed Lightnin' last night - a semi-recurring rollercoaster dream - that made me think of y'all this morning. Wondering how greezed your lightnin' is..."

For the non-Houstonians, Greezed Lightnin' was a rollercoaster at Astroworld that launched like a jet off an aircraft carrier, put you thru a loop then up a steep incline, hanging there and then going thru the loop in reverse and hanging at the top of another incline, and finally being whiplashed to a sudden stop where you started.

This was my reply: 

"One of my favorite Astroworld rides... I either liked to ride in the front row or the back car. Before the ride started, each of those gave you an advantage over the other riders. From the front you could see the little launching mechanism as it rolled back between the rails and disappeared under the car. You knew that very soon, you'd be off, 0-60 in about 3 seconds and then hitting that loop. While in the back, you could hear the little mechanism latch into place underneath you. There were a great few seconds of adrenalized anxiety both when waiting for the mechanism to roll into place and latch, and then after it latched waiting for the high school seniors to exchange a thumbs-up and the one at the control board to hit the green button.

Right now, we're waiting for the launching mechanism to lock into place."



My dad sent me a box of 25 hand-rolled Hondurans. I'd love to light one up 5 minutes ago but the waiting will make them so much better.
Maybe I'll share.

Oh ok, I'll share.


Pull handle A while pushing handle A

I can set up a playpen* and take it apart so it will fit back in its travel caddy.

Yeah, I do feel like I've accomplished something.

Also, this experience totally reinforced my desire to write assembly instructions so that they are thorough and crystal-clear; there were a few things I had to figure out for myself.

*Playpen is no longer the accepted nomenclature. Play yard Playard, please.  Um, yeah. Whatever.

Oh yeah...

...we're at 39 weeks as of this past Saturday. This week's food/baby comparison food is watermelon. Pam thanks you for the empathetic groan you just uttered.

It's kind of, ok not kind of, it's totally stunning to think/realize that what we've been waiting and preparing for is about to happen, and that very shortly, we'll have something else to take care of other than Freeway and the Boots. And ourselves.

I hope he likes robots.


Pretty Big Weekend

Saturday was painting party day. My mom, Rob, Robyn, Stephanie, Tim, & Quinn came over and helped paint, while Trevor showed up and made some collars for the a/c ducts. We did the kid's room, 3 walls in the dining room, and changed a color on one kitchen wall. Thanks to everyone who came over and helped. We did a lot in about 5 1/2 hours.

Today, we picked up the crib and dresser, making the kid's room pretty darn complete. 


8 Days

Work nears completion in the house, at least as far as what we need to do to make it ready for him. A little more painting and then just need to p/u and assemble the crib and dresser.

And then we wait....