Meat Kite!

Ok, people, shit's about to get rrrreal. In the last couple of weeks Malcolm's speech has come online. All that previously incoherent babble has suddenly clicked in to coherency and I, for one, am completely and utterly bowled over by it. So if you don't want to read a chronicle of how awesome I think my kid is, ramble on my friend. But I've decided to try to use this blog more to document his progression towards grownupness.

Case in point: We took the kite out on Sunday and since then Mal's been repeating "high kite" "high kite" over and over again. So in the car this morning when he said "high kite" I started to tell him about how the kite festival is coming soon. I said, "remember how many kites were in the air at the festival last year?" He said "two?" and I said, "no, more than two." He said "fee?" and I said "no, more than three." Then he grinned and said "meatball?" I laughed and said "no, more than meatball!" Then he started repeating "meat kite, meat kite!" I said, but you can't have a meat kite, the birds will eat it! It didn't make a difference to him - what can I say, the boy wants a meat kite.


Thank you!

Malcolm thanked me this morning for his plate of cantaloupe and blueberries, completely unprompted. I'd brought it over to him and started to walk away and I hear this cute little "thank you" from behind me. Considering we haven't really been modeling pleases and thank yous very consistently we were very impressed. He just gets awesomer and awesomer.