Go read this guy's post. (If you work at a place that monitors your surfing, maybe wait till you get home. The post and site are totally safe for work but the name of the blog could be misconstrued. An explanation of the name is on the linked page.)

If it doesn't bring a tear to your eye, check your pulse because you are dead. Or a zombie.


New Development

Malcolm's first tooth made its presence known today. He started gnawing on one of my fingers and I felt something sharp. Sure enough, it was the top ridge of one of his lower front teeth. He's been gumming our fingers a lot in the last few weeks with ever-intensifying strength, so that will have to stop now, what with the new sharpness. And this is the part where I'm thankful I'm not the breastfeeder. Good luck, Pam!


Four Things:

1. Digital cameras are cool. Color printers are nice, too.

2. There are stupid people out there. Sometimes they work at Wal-Mart.

3. Pennsylvania state legal officials could work on being less vague.

4. I can't believe this hasn't happened more.