The First Cut is the Deepest

A few weeks back I breathed a sigh of relief when we thought the kid was going to be a girl... at least I wasn't going to have to concern myself with one very important decision... circumcision. And then, hey-ooooohhhhhh, here's a little surprise, it's a boy and you (we) get to decide whether to cut or not to cut.

It's 11:15pm on a Sunday and I'm in Waco for a shoot. So here's the wikepedia page (featuring some non-porn but still NSFW example photos) on the decision at hand. If anything were to generate some comments I'd expect it to be this post, so what say you? As a circumcised child of the 70s, I'll admit it, I'm torn as to what to do now in 2008.


Jason said...

My OPINION (as a cut child of the 70's as well) is that it's natural and that it should be left alone. It is unnecessary risk and pain for the child. Teach the boy how how to keep himself clean and no worries.

roachy said...

When I interned in labor and delivery (many moons ago). There are a handful of images that will be with me forever! One of them being the circumcision of a new born.

Now, they will take the little man in a quiet room. And then strap him to a board arms and legs spread. When they begin to cut him he will scream, and scream and scream. But to assure you, these will be the same screams you hear when he is hungry for the boob. The same screams you will hear when his diaper is wet. The same screams... well when he wants anything.

Will he remember the procedure years later? IDK. Do you curl in fetal position at night and weep for your long lost piece of skin? I am doubtful.

Now I am neither for or against the procedure. In my frugal mind I'd start thinking about what the hell it costs to cut less than a 1/2 in of skin.

All said and done...I do know that after looking at the pictures it doesn't make a damn difference when the boy is HARD! And that's what really matters here, right? You're a father protecting your son's ego. Only you can decide

Kelley said...

I probably would/will not cut. But I have been known to make wrong decisions.
I have seen both versions up close as personal, back in the day, and found them both to be intriguing.

neanna said...

no snip snip.

ennea999 said...

you boy's future lover(s) will thank you for leaving his stuff like it was originally made.