"I cannot tell what the dickens his name is."

--Shakespeare from "The Merry Wives of Windsor"

Those of you who check here regularly probably already know this, but I wanted to put it out there with maybe more detail or reasons behind our decision. The decision being that we're not discussing any possible names outside of our personal awesome twosome.

We've seen it happen before where somebody asks and Mom or Dad tells, and then the asker makes a sour face like, "Oh really? You're saddling your kid with that? Well, I for one, do not approve." And we're not talking about your Apples, or your Rumers, or even your Pilot Inspektors, but honest-to-goodness non-celebrity normal people names. We're choosing not to let this happen.

Another thing is that we want to meet the little nipper, say hello, and make sure the name fits the boy. He might need a little time to warm up to this strange new world he finds himself in, though hopefully he'll recognize a couple of friendly voices. And that kind of goes hand-in-hand with another reason, that being there still needs to be some element of surprise, for us as well of everyone else. We know he's a he but we'll save the moniker until his arrival.

All that being said, I can say there's a master list of about 20 or so names. Of those we each have our favorites, some of which one of us likes but the other can't stand. And some that we both actually like. Those are our front-runners. I can also say that there are no names on the list like those above, no Moon Units, no Engelberts, so you may sleep easier knowing that. 

Until his birth day though, enjoy the mystery.


U1ahBme said...

....because we all know his name is Rutabaga Lollipop Light! You saw this coming...... your just relieved it was this mellow of a comment. See you in November little baby Rutabaga!

Kiwi Cowboy said...

I think that it took up to a week for me madre to decide on my name. My father wanted to name me after himself. Typical Mexican!

ennea999 said...

"Wolfgang" is taken by Phil & Jen. But I think they'd be ok if you named yours Volfango.

ennea999 said...

gwen stafani just had another baby with a crazy name:

Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale