Doctor Doctor

Malcolm had his first doctor visit this past Tuesday. It was the 2 month visit. He weighed 12 lbs 10 ozs, up 4 lbs 11 ozs since birth. He had grown from 20 3/4" to 23 1/4", up 2 1/2". That's a better-than-average growth rate so he's clearly getting enough nourishment. 

There was definitely some trepidation with this visit because it's typically when the kiddos get the first round of vaccinations. To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, and if so, when to do it, is a hot-button topic in parenting and child care. Just this week, a vaccine court (!) ruled on a family claiming vaccines gave their child autism (not proven by the science). There are questions regarding the ingredients of some vaccines, the schedule proposed by the government, and the potential reactions of the still-developing immune systems.

We've decided that we'll be giving him the vaccines, but not at the recommended schedule. He can grow a little more before we get started. Many of the vaccines are things he won't face (polio) or he can get the illness and then lifelong immunity or get the vaccine which won't last his whole life (rotavirus, chicken pox). There are kids who have adverse reactions to vaccines and reading their stories will break your heart, but it's generally in the 5% range, not more than 10% (according to what we read). The numbers have been good to us so far (knock wood), and after much reading of a variety of sources, have decided to go on and do it. Might something still happen? Sure, and we'll deal with that if it does. But until then....

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