Petri Dish

This is not exactly a pleasing comparison but I do think it's pretty right-on, more or less:

Watching Malcolm grow up, day-to-day, is like watching mold grow in a petri dish. 

I know, I know, "OMG! How can you say that about your baby?!! That's disgusting! He's a perfect little angel sent straight from heaven!" I will not dispute the angel part (see all previously published photos), but chillax for a second and let me make my point.

Almost every day he does something new and/or different. A couple of weeks ago, he rolled over on Mom's bed twice. Naturally, we were impressed and began watching it for it to happen again and trying to encourage it. Before too long, he was doing it more. Earlier today, he did it like 3 times in 10 minutes. It's practically become rote. (Ok, not really.) But this has all been rolling over from his back to his tummy, so now we need it to happen the other way. (He was aided by a slight incline on the day of the naked pics so that doesn't really count.) He's starting to sleep on his side (on his own) and is trying to turn over on his changing pad, which means not turning away to toss a diaper in the dirty can.

His ability to laugh has gone from a single "Kah!" (Translation: "Ha!") to full-0n giggle-fests where he occasionally has to stop to catch his breath. His laughing makes us laugh more and hilarity to ensue.

Today, Pam sat him in his Bumbo, which he hasn't been tolerating for more than a few minutes, but today it took longer for it to bother him. He was on the table looking at me while I was working on the computer. I think this might have been the first time he actually regarded me. As soon as I looked him in the face, he smiled, bounced his head and bashfully turned away, and cupped his hands in front of his mouth. (That little action, especially the little bobble-head part, is probably my favorite thing he does right now.) So then we played that game for a few minutes--where I'd look away while he looked at me and then we looked at each other and laughed.

Also, there have definitely been a couple of hugs, or squeezes at least. One of us will be holding him on our shoulder and he'll have one arm around our neck and the other around the arm. I've hugged a lot of people in my time but I'd never had one that stopped me in my tracks.

So yeah, my son is like a piece of mold. What of it?

4 month check-up on Thursday. Unofficially, he's at 15.5 lbs and around 24.5 inches. We'll see what they say, officially, at the doctor's office.


Conmare said...

He is a great product of science. Enjoy every moment!

Kelley said...

Algae on a petri plate is a much better comparison that mold. It is at least some what cute under a microscope and they wiggle, much like a baby.