"You in the Jungle, Baby"

Yesterday, we went to Hell and got Malcolm a new toy--a rainforest themed exersaucer. Tropical rainforest, Pam would like to point out, not temperate! We first went to an infant/kid resale shop to sell some stuff and see what they had. They had several exersaucers, but all looked beat up or worn to some degree. And though they would have been considerably cheaper than the one we bought, we just couldn't bring ourselves to get anything less than the best for Malcolm. We've talked about getting him used stuff, that it will be perfectly fine, etc. but for this, we just couldn't do it. There's plenty of waste in this society and world at large, and he does have some hand-me-down stuff, but looking at these, it was hard to tell if they all worked how they were supposed to.

So we went on to Hell and looked at what they had. There were really only 2 choices that seemed to be at least somewhat educational. But (spoiled kid alert) he already has 1 of those at Grandma's house. We were considering another one that was a little bit cheaper, and endorsed by a shopping mom: "She (her kid) loves it!" but its activities and theme seemed a bit disjointed. Also, its color scheme "offended our sensibilities." It was all red, purple, orange, and blue. If we're going to have to look and listen to this thing for the next year, then it's got to be easy on our eyes. So Evenflo Triple Fun ExerSaucer, welcome to your new home. And possible eventual destruction by Malcolm the Monster.

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