it's starting

From: Pam Whitehouse
Date: July 16, 2009 11:33:53 AM MDT
Subject: it's starting

left him on the other side of the table on his play mat to go make a sandwich. this is what I found when I came back. he loves these cords!

ichat between me and Pam:

11:36:08 AM pazaam: he was just hanging out there, with his knees on the shelf there
11:36:12 AM slight: hahaha
11:36:24 AM pazaam: he unplugged my computer
11:36:39 AM pazaam: it was on the coffee table plugged in
11:36:52 AM pazaam: good thing these computers unplug easily or he'd have it on his head
11:36:55 AM slight: babyproofing
11:37:00 AM slight: wow
11:37:04 AM slight: hooray!!
11:37:27 AM pazaam: so says the man in denver
11:37:33 AM pazaam: ;-)
11:37:50 AM slight: i love it!!
11:38:49 AM pazaam: he's going to truck across the floor to see you when you get home
11:39:08 AM pazaam: omg he's coming right for me!
11:39:27 AM pazaam: seriously just army crawled back over the shelf toward my feet
11:39:58 AM pazaam: ok, off to feed
11:43:57 AM slight: he's a mover!!

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