Malcolm needs your votes!

We're making Malcolm some iron-on onesies. I found a few images on the interwebs but we currently only have 3 onesies. Check out the images and note your top choice in the comments. We'll take the top 3 and make Malcolm even more awesome this winter.

2 versions of the Radiohead bear to choose from. Pam likes the one with the eyes but I like the plain one.

It's the Reagle Beagle from Three's Company!

BoingBoing is an awesome blog I read.

Hall & Oates!!

One of Malcolm's favorite toys is a John Deere tractor.

Some Big Lebowski-themed ideas:


Malcolm likes elephants and we liked this beer in Thailand.

I'm not going to say anything because of the 1st rule.

No explanation needed.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...


Sandra said...

I vote for:

Little Libowski, John Deere and The A-Team.

I also think it's time for a real update.

U1ahBme said...

#1 Radiohead blue eyes
#2 Hall & Oates!!
#3 Lonestar Beer!!!!!!!!

Conmare said...

Hall and Oates
Lonestar Beer
Beastie Boys

Oivey Ivey! said...

radiohead with blue eyes
hall and oates
a team.


Dox said...

John Deer
Radiohead - i'd like the plain one w/ blue eyes! the current blue eyes = little creepy)
LLeb, Urban achiever!

ennea999 said...

1) lebowski
2) lebowski
3) lebowski

runner up: radiohead plain eyes

Anonymous said...

I'm behind the Shepard Fairey "Abide" shout-out! I'd vote for that one like 5 times. That and the Little Achiever.