Sometimes people really need to think before they speak. Especially to a pregnant woman. Things get rewired in their body. They have a greater sense of smell, strange desires for food, etc. These things happen in their brains, so you'd be crazy not to think that their perception of things said doesn't change as well. As a dude, I've found dealing with a chick in an up-close and personal type of relationship to be an exciting adventure where you never quite know what might happen. Re-wire her system and stick a growing, developing parasite in her belly and it's a whole different kind of adventure.

So it's always interesting to hear people's opinions on what Pam (and/or us as a couple in this here baby-makin' episode) are doing wrong or how crazy it is to be doing this or that. The interesting factor is also affected by if they've gone thru this themselves or not. Sure, everybody's got an opinion, and they usually think (sometimes they know) they're right. (It's kinda funny when it's inconceivable that anyone could think differently. Or maybe it's just sad.) Decorum often prevents me from telling them to STFU, but I certainly think it.

And I include myself in this semi-rant too.

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shanblack@mac.com said...

It's amazing how a pregnant woman seems to become community property - a public figure. My friend Andrea just had a baby, and she never ceased to be surprised how everybody has something to say. Strangers who would never normally speak to her feel completely comfortable saying, "Someone's about to pop!" or reaching out to touch the belly. Bizarre.

Looking forward to working with you in the trailer down by the river next week!