Pull handle A while pushing handle A

I can set up a playpen* and take it apart so it will fit back in its travel caddy.

Yeah, I do feel like I've accomplished something.

Also, this experience totally reinforced my desire to write assembly instructions so that they are thorough and crystal-clear; there were a few things I had to figure out for myself.

*Playpen is no longer the accepted nomenclature. Play yard Playard, please.  Um, yeah. Whatever.


ennea999 said...

according to the link you posted, it's actually one word, drop the second y - "playard"...um, ok, whatever.

U1ahBme said...

what about kiddie corral?

k2 said...

porta-crib is also a common term. And hell yeah, setting those things up IS an accomplishment. I still struggle with the pushing-down-the-floor part.