what he said

i'd like to add that only 5% of babies are born on their due date.  it is an inherently imprecise formula due to the fact that the due date is calculated at 40 weeks from the first day of your last period and it's (obviously) impossible to get pregnant that day or for the next several days after that.  so the math is off by approximately 2 weeks from the get-go, not that there's any way to standardize what the 'normal' length of gestation is anyway.  it's just yet another thing that the medical industry tries to predict and mother nature laughs in their face.

i will say, however, that freeway has been all over us for attention like stink on you-know-what today.  i think she senses something is afoot.  now i'd put money on her.

which takes me to the subject for my next blog post: will having kids be as awesome as having cats? i mean, look at this face. she kills me.


ennea999 said...

omg! omg! omg!
hurry up!

ennea999 said...

ps. that's a very nice glamour shot of freeway.

Jimmie said...

Hi Stephen and Pam!

I'm Stephanie's mother. She was three weeks late when I had labor induced. She was well worth the wait so just stay calm.

I've enjoyed following your pregnancy. Thanks for making it available to all of us.


Jimmie said...

Also, please don't think I'm trying to give you a worst case scenario with the three weeks. I suspect Freeway is telling you what's really happening. My pets read me like a book.


stephen said...

Thanks Jimmie, glad you've liked following along. And thanks for the encouragement. We're doing all we can to move things along.

Kiwi Cowboy said...

I was 2 weeks early. Because I'm impatient. Because I'm a Virgo. Fortunately, you two won't be cursed with another Virgo - ha!

Plus, accept the signs that animals give you. They predict earthquakes - which is rather handy in New Zealand.

abrazotes fuertes,